Passion Spas

Theatre Spa

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The Theater Spa is the most impressive spa in our range. Wellness and entertainment are uniquely com...
    • Dims.: 380 x 228 x 116 cm
    • Number of people: 8
    • Number of jets: 126


Dims.: 380 x 228 x 116 cm Number of people: 8 Number of jets: 126



380 cm

228 cm

116 cm






6 seats and 2 loungers

118 Active Hydrotherapy Jets


8 Air Jets






Programmable Filtration System






Built-in Speakers

5.0 HP

5.0 HP

5,0 HP

5,0 HP

Circulation Pump

Three Single Filters


3.0 KW

5000 Liter

750 kg

5750 kg

3-voudig gelaagde Thermische Isolatie

380 V / 3 x 20 Amp of 230 V / 32 Amp



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Passion Spas | Theatre Spa
£19,900.00 £23,900.00 You Save £4,000.-
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