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What is a swim spa?

A swim spa is a combination of a swimming pool and a spa. A swim spa is compact, equipped with all kinds of jets, and has a counter-current function. This means you can swim in a forward motion without actually moving forward. Many swim spas are also equipped with a spa area; the best of both worlds! In the spa area, you can enjoy a warm, wonderful bubble bath, just like in a separate jacuzzi®. In the pool area, you can swim against the current.

The benefits of a swim spa

Because it combines the best of two worlds, a swim spa offers a range of benefits. Below, we have created an overview of the many advantages of a swim spa compared to a traditional swimming pool.

  • More compact size: Firstly, a garden swim spa is a lot more flexible than a traditional pool. A swim spa is ideal if you have less space but would like a pool and spa.
  • More environmentally friendly: A swim spa is also more economical than a swimming pool. It requires much less water, making it easier and faster to heat the pool. By choosing a sturdy cover, you can make your swim spa even more economical. This also keeps the water clean and promotes safety since the cover holds the entire weight of a person.
  • More durable: The swim spa’s durable acrylic surface ensures that it will last a lifetime and stay in excellent condition. Fonteyn’s swim spas are known for their quality and durability.
  • Multifunctional: Swim spas offer the opportunity to relax and enjoy sports. You can relax your muscles in the warm water of the spa area and let go as you feel the powerful jets on your back. And although a swim spa is smaller than a pool, you can still enjoy being with family or friends as most swim spas have multi-person seating in the spa area!

Buying a swim spa at Fonteyn Spas?

Do you want to buy a swim spa? At Fonteyn, we have the largest range of swim spas in the UK! You can also view our models in our 35,000 m2 showroom in Leicester. You are cordially invited to take an inspiring walk through our vast range. Do you need help choosing the perfect swim spa for you? Our passionate and expert advisors are always ready to provide you with specific advice.

Service and quality at Fonteyn Spas

At Fonteyn, we work strictly with the best quality products. This means we always offer you a sustainable swim spa that you can enjoy for many years. In addition, service is of paramount importance at Fonteyn. We think it is essential that you are satisfied with your investment today and for the coming years. Therefore, we are always there for you if you need us.If you choose to order a swim spa online, it can usually be delivered within a few working days. In the unlikely event that it takes longer, you will be informed by our advisors.

Do you have any questions, or would you like more information? Then you can contact us by calling 0116 466 5666 or by emailing sales@fonteyn.co.uk. We are happy to help you with tailored advice.