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Why a spa for 1 to 3 people?

If you do not have much space, but still want to relax in a spa, a 1-3 person spa is ideal. In this spa you and your partner enjoy the wellness feeling in your own backyard. Some of our models are also constructed so that you and your partner can lie side by side or just across each other.

In a spa for 1 to 3 people you will find complete relaxation. The warm water makes you relax and the massage jets are good for your muscles. Because the spas are equipped with different jets, you can alternate with massages. Research has shown that an hour in a spa has many benefits. For example, it will improve your blood circulation and it can make you sleep better.

1 to 3 person spas from Fonteyn

In our range of spas, you will find different types of spas for 1 to 3 people. In this you can completely relax. Our specialists will help you choose the right spa. For comprehensive advice, be sure to visit our showroom. Our specialists know our range from A to Z and know exactly which spa for 4-5 people suits your needs. In addition, they will gladly tell you all the ins and outs about the hot tub or outdoor soa..

Service of Fonteyn Spas

If you want to buy a spa for 1 to 3 people, you have come to the right place at Fonteyn Spas. At Fonteyn you will find different models. We gladly advise you about all the possibilities. You can also order a spa for 1 to 3 people online. If you do this, you will receive the 1-3 person spa within a few working days at home. Before you know it you can enjoy a nice evening in your 1-3 person spa.

Do you still have questions or do you want more information? Then feel free to contact us by calling 0116 466 5666 or sending an e-mail to sales@fonteyn.co.uk. We'll be happy to help.