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The advantages of a hot tub

Still unsure about whether or not to buy a hot tub? A hot tub is a pleasure you will enjoy for years to come. Firstly, the warm bath offers quality time to yourself or with your partner, friends, or the whole family. It offers that wonderfully comfortable holiday feeling without having to leave the house. However, there are more reasons why a hot tub is a beautiful addition to your garden. Research has shown that, among other things, the warm water from a hot tub relaxes the muscles so that the entire body comes to rest. The warm hot tub water also appears to relieve stress and tension; it relaxes the mind and reduces stress. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that a hot tub can positively influence sleep. A session in your hot tub before going to bed can ensure that you sleep more deeply and get more out of your night’s rest. We have summarised the advantages for you below:

  • Holiday feeling in your garden all year round
  • Longer lifespan
  • Relaxing effect on the body and mind
  • Positive impact on sleep quality

The eye-catcher of Scandinavian outdoor life

Are you curious about where the concept of a hot tub came from? The hot tub is an outdoor pool that originates in Scandinavia. There, it is mainly used to keep warm in cold temperatures. Today, the hot tub is used all over the world for relaxation. Traditional hot tubs are made of wood. The water is heated by a wood-fired stove, which has an integrated heater (internal heater) located in the tub. Nowadays, you can also buy plastic hot tubs in addition to the original wooden hot tubs. These hot tubs with a plastic inner tub often have an external heater located on the outside of the plastic tub. Hot tubs with an electric heater are also available on the market (electric hot tubs). The hot tubs available from Fonteyn Spas are made of pine and have an aluminium wood stove. This wood-burning stove provides an authentic, primal feeling and brings you closer to (Scandinavian) nature.

Hot tubs from Fonteyn Spas

Fonteyn Spas sells traditional-style wooden hot tubs of excellent quality. For example, our wooden hot tubs are made from Northern European pine. In Northern Europe, it is very cold and the trees grow slowly. This means that the trees’ annual rings are close together, and a hard, high-quality wood is created. The hardness of the wood ensures that the hot tubs are resistant to weather variances. This means that our hot tubs can be used seven days a week for all twelve months of the year! Naturally, our wooden hot tubs are equipped with a traditional wood-burning stove, which is placed in the cockpit. This wood-fired hot tub heater provides an authentic, primal feeling and brings you closer to nature. Our hot tubs with integrated heaters are also equipped with hot tub accessories, such as a sturdy staircase and wooden benches. We sell our Fonteyn hot tubs in three sizes: Fonteyn Hottub Grand Royal 160 cm, Fonteyn Hottub Grand Royal 180 cm and Fonteyn Hottub Grand Royal 160 cm. The choice of size depends, of course, on the number of people you want to accomodate in the hot tub and the space available in your garden.

Buy a hot tub?

Are you aware of the advantages of a hot tub but not yet sure what type of hot tub you want to buy? Then we are happy to advise you at Fonteyn. Feel free to contact us by calling 0116 466 5666 or by sending an email to sales@fonteyn.co.uk. Perhaps you would like to try out our hot tubs first or take a closer look before you make a final decision? If so, then we invite you to visit our showroom in Leicester. Here, we can answer all of your questions, provide you with personal advice, and you can view the other spas we stock. In addition to hot tubs, we have a wide range of products, including spas, swim spas and spa accessories.