Frequent Asked Questions

at Fonteyn UK


  • "What is the address of Fonteyn UK?"

    Our address is:
    Unit 19, Meridian North
    Meridian Business Park
    Leicester LE19 1WR

  • "What are the opening hours of Fonteyn UK?"

    Our showroom opening hours are:
    Mo. 09.00am - 05.30pm
    Tu. 09.00am - 05.30pm
    We. 09.00am - 05.30pm
    Th. 09.00am - 08.00pm
    Fr. 09.00am - 05.30pm
    Za. 09.00am - 04.00pm
    Zo. 09.00am - 04.00pm

    Our trade opening hours are:
    Mo. 08.00am - 04.00pm
    Tu. 08.00am - 04.00pm
    We. 08.00am - 04.00pm
    Th. 08.00am - 04.00pm
    Fr. 08.00am - 04.00pm
    Za. 08.00am - 12.00pm

  • "When will my order be delivered?"

    Once you have placed an order, we at Fonteyn Spas make every effort to deliver the product as soon as possible. With larger products such as a spa bath, you will be contacted about the delivery of the product. This is always done in consultation with you, so that we do not find ourselves standing at a closed door.

  • Order and delivery

  • 1. When can I expect my delivery?

    Once an agreement has been made, our planning department will contact you to agree on an exact delivery date. In the meantime, your spa will be carefully inspected and tested. The guidelines are between 2 and 2.5 weeks. This is subject to change. Preferences can be indicated with the appropriate consultant.

  • 2. Where do I place an order?

    You can place an order with the spa consultant, in the shop by e-mail or by phone. We appreciate it if you visit our showroom, so we can give you highly personalized advice.

  • 3. Can I apply for a discount?

    Fill out the discount request form or contact one of our spa consultants.

  • 4. How is my delivery handled?

    You can choose to have your spa delivered, placed and installed by Fonteyn itself. We transport the spa by trailer and will transport the last piece of the spa on the side, on a cart. We ask for this at home a one meter wide passage. You can also opt for transport only. Your spa is then packed and well, on a pallet to stand on your doorstep.

  • 5. Is delivery abroad possible?

    Delivery abroad is possible. For this we have our own transporters with years of experience.

  • 6. What are the delivery charges?

    The delivery charges vary per country. For this we need the complete delivery address and we would like to hear from you if there is a forklift or something similar available at the delivery address to remove the spa from the truck.

  • 7. What payment methods are available?

    You can pay by bank or cash on delivery (Fonteyn delivery service). This should always be agreed in advance with the relevant consultant.

  • Product information

  • 1. What kind of connection do I need?

    Minimum requirements:
    1 massage pump 16 ampere/ blue 16 A CE plug
    2 massage pumps 20 amp/ blue 32 A CE plug

  • 2. What massages are available?

    At Fonteyn you can choose from different massages in your spa, ranging from rotating, pulsating, vibrating and power massages. You can even try out the massages in our specially designed test room. Here we have several spas with all our massage options on display. You can make an appointment with one of our spa consultants to use the test room.

  • 3. Can the spa also be placed outside?

    Our spas can all stand outside. The spas are insulated in such a way that they remain perfectly functional in the garden. For detailed information about the insulation, please contact one of our spa consultants.

  • 4. Does the spa need to be emptied in the winter?

    If you want to continue using your spa in the winter, this is no problem. If you choose not to, we recommend that you drain the water from your spa and also from the pipes. This can be done with a hydrogen vacuum cleaner. It is also possible to have your spa winterized by Fonteyn. You can call or email to make an appointment.

  • 5. Is a cover necessary?

    A cover is an important part of your spa. A cover not only keeps the dirt out, but also keeps all the heat in. So in a sense, a cover is necessary.

  • Exchanges and returns

  • 1. Can I exchange or return my purchase?

    You can contact one of our advisors. You can do this by email, telephone or bring a visit to our showroom.

  • 2. How can I return my order?

    You can contact one of our advisers. You can do this by email, telephone or bring a visit to our showroom.

  • 3. How much warranty is there on my spa?

    You have:
    2 years warranty on electric / motor,
    5 year warranty on the entire shell (excluding parts),
    10 year warranty on the structure.

  • 4. I have received a damaged product, what now?

    We would like to hear from you as soon as possible which product it is and what kind of damage it is. In some cases we may ask for a picture of the product in question, as every situation is different. If it is a matter of warranty, we will immediately make an appointment with you to, for example, arrange for a replacement product. We at Fonteyn stand for good service, even after the sale.

  • Maintenance

  • 1. How often should the water be changed?

    We recommend changing the water every three to four months. Spas with a salt system may have their water changed once a year.

  • 2. How often should a filter be replaced?

    We advise to replace the filter two to three times a year. This also depends on how often you use the spa. Cleaning can be done using a garden hose or showerhead. You need to rinse the filters in the direction of the filter blades. You can also use our Filter Cleaner for this purpose.

  • 3. How do I keep the water clean?

    You can keep the water pure by using chlorine in combination with Aquafinesse. You can also keep the water pure by using a salt system. For detailed information, please contact one of our spa consultants. You can also read it back in our spa manual from page thirty.

  • 4. Is annual maintenance required?

    Annual maintenance is not necessary. Right after your purchase of the spa, it is extensively tested and checked, so your spa works perfectly. If you still want a service technician to look at your spa, you can make an appointment with our service department.

  • 6. Is the cover standard?

    The cover is not standard with the spa, since we sell our spas around the world, including in warm countries where a cover is less necessary. A cover is optional, the choice is yours.

  • 7. Should the spa be placed on a level floor?

    We strongly advise to put our spas on a level floor. In some cases it will happen that one has a surface which is slightly sloping. If it is a centimeter or 2 over a number of meters, then this can not hurt. For now, a level floor is really best.

  • 8. Can I bury the spa?

    Our spas can almost all be buried. The depth of the burying you can determine. There are some important points to be taken into account. So we ask for a space around the spa of at least fifty centimeters. Also, the hole where the spa comes in must be well strengthened. For detailed information please contact one of our consultants.

  • 9. What is the recommended temperature?

    Of course you are completely free to determine the temperature of the water. We recommend 37.5 degrees. This is a very pleasant temperature, which is about the same as that of the human body.