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The Miracle is one of the most popular Devine Spas and is a spacious 6-person spa with bucket seats ...

    • Dims.: 214 x 214 x 82 cm
    • Number of people: 6
    • Number of jets: 75
    • Dims.: 214 x 214 x 82 cm
    • Number of people: 6
    • Number of jets: 75

The Spa Miracle, a luxurious spa experience specially designed to provide the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. This spa is a spacious retreat, with generous dimensions of 214 x 214 x 82 cm, comfortably accommodating up to 6 people, including an additional lounger for the ultimate relaxation experience.

The Spa Miracle is not just about size; it is also about performance. With a water capacity of 1400 liters and a total of 75 powerful jets, powered by three massage pumps, this spa is designed to provide a comprehensive hydrotherapy experience. The massage can be adjusted from a gentle, relaxing massage to an intensive, powerful massage.

The spa is built with an acrylic tub, reinforced with polyester, ensuring durability and longevity. The plastic, maintenance-free casing is designed with removable side panels for easy access and maintenance. The spa also features an Everlast™ bottom made of polyester and the tub has high-density urethane insulation for energy efficiency.

The Spa Miracle is packed with special features to enhance your spa experience. The contoured headrests provide comfort while you relax. The StarBrite LED interior lighting system and LED corner exterior lighting contribute to the ambiance. With a Bluetooth audio system with built-in speakers, you can enjoy your favorite music while relaxing.

The spa also has a waterfall feature with LED lighting, adding to the aesthetic appeal. The ozone sanitation system ensures that the water remains clean and safe, and the energy-efficient programmable filtration system ensures that the spa continues to operate optimally with minimal energy consumption.

The Spa Miracle is equipped with three LX LP200 massage pumps and one LX WTC50M filtration pump, which provide a powerful and effective hydrotherapy experience. The electrical system is designed to operate on both 230 and 380 V, with electric heating to keep the water at the perfect temperature.

The control system features a Balboa BP600 and a top-side electronic control for easy operation. The spa is also wifi-ready, allowing you to control the settings remotely.

In summary, the Spa Miracle is more than just a spa; it is an investment in your health and well-being. It offers a combination of luxury, performance, and energy efficiency. Treat yourself to the luxury of relaxation with the Spa Miracle.

1. Space for six people to enjoy, with five comfortable seats and a luxurious lounger.
2. Equipped with 75 powerful jets, supported by three massage pumps, providing a full-body massage experience.
3. Offers the ability to adjust the intensity of the massage, from a gentle relaxing massage to an intensive powerful massage.
4. Equipped with a Bluetooth audio system for entertainment, allowing you to relax with your favorite music.
5. Atmospheric LED lighting, both inside and outside the spa, creates a relaxing ambiance.
6. A spacious lounger provides the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the spa experience.
7. Includes an energy-efficient filtration pump, making the spa environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.
8. With a water capacity of 1400 liters, it provides ample space for a deep and relaxing immersion.
9. Features an EasyClean Shield, making spa maintenance easy and effortless.
10. With a dry weight of 260 KG, it is a sturdy and durable choice.

This Spa Miracle is available for immediate delivery.


• Number of seats: 5
• Number of reclining seats: 1
• StarBrite LED Underwater Lighting
• Bluetooth Audio System
• Easyclean Shield
• 3 Massage Pumps
• Energy-efficient filtration pump
• Water Capacity: 1400 L
• Dry Weight: 260 KG

Dims.: 214 x 214 x 82 cm Number of people: 6 Number of jets: 75



214 cm

214 cm

82 cm






5 Seats and 1 Lounger







Fully Automatic






2 x Built-in Speakers

3.0 HP

3.0 HP

3,0 HP

Circulation Pump

Single Filter


3.0 KW




3-Fold Layered Thermal Insulation

380 V / 16 Amp


Devine Spas

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