Which spa bath suits you?

Which spa bath suits you?

Winter, spring, summer, autumn. You can enjoy all seasons with a spa, whether it is in the garden, on the balcony, on the terrace or in the conservatory. And that can be a whirlpool, a Jacuzzi® spa, a swim spa or a hot tub. There is a great variety of types and sizes. When you decide to buy a spa, you may feel like a kid in a sweet shop. Which of the hundreds of options would you prefer?

Whirlpools are refreshing on hot summer days and act as a warm bath during the cool winter months. The whirlpool is suitable for all weather conditions. It is good for blood flow and stiff muscles. A warm bath also promotes a good night’s sleep. After a long day at work, you can relax and unwind in your whirlpool. It is also a lovely place to catch up with family and friends.

Jacuzzi ® spa bath
The water in a Jacuzzi® spa bath is heated to a maximum of 40 degrees and is constantly in motion due to the numerous built-in jets. People are increasingly deciding not to place a swimming pool in their garden, opting instead for a Jacuzzi® bath. This is because it can be used all year round. Maintenance is low, and the spa does not take up much space.

Swim spa
The swim spa is becoming more and more popular. In this spa, you do two things simultaneously: exercise and relax. Both are possible. The swim spa features powerful massage jets situated right at the front of the pool.

Once you start swimming against the current, you can stay in the same spot. This way, you quickly get the feeling that you are swimming laps in a swimming pool, even though  you aren’t going anywhere.Ontspannen in een warm bad

Hot Tub
Northern European spruce trees grow in the far north, where trees grow more slowly. This causes the annual rings to sit close to each other, which means that a hard spruce wood is created. Fonteyn hot tubs are made from this type of wood. You can easily climb in with the help of a ladder. The hot tub is nostalgic because it is based on the traditional wooden tub commonly used in the past. After use, you can put a lid on it to close the hot tub, protecting the tub from dirt.

The main advantage of these spas is that they all have ergonomic tub seats and loungers, as well as innovative massage techniques. It is possible to relax in one at any time. At Fonteyn, different spas can even be tested in the store. Based on your experience and preferences, you can pick the spa that best suits your needs. Of course, it is also possible to choose from a variety of sizes, ranging  from one to three people, four to five people, six to seven people, or even more than eight people.

Massage techniques
The Relax Spa is a good example of a spa that aids optimal relaxation. Up to five people at a time can use this spa. The Relax spa has two beds with varying massages. In one lounger, the muscles are rubbed loose with rotating jets that improve circulation. The other lounger has built-in pulsating jets that help relax the body. For more information about the different massage techniques and all types of spas, please visit our website: https://www.fonteyn.co.uk/