Summer ideas for the hot tub

Summer ideas for the hot tub

The popularity of a spa bath or whirlpool continues to grow each year. More and more people end a busy, stressful day in a delightful spa. Who can blame them? The warmth of a spa is scientifically proven to benefit both body and mind. But why make such an expensive investment only to relieve stress? In this blog post, we’ve come up with some unique ways you can use your spa this summer.

Cinema night

The concept is simple: watch a film in your hot tub. The idea originated in London and was transferred to Amsterdam some time ago. In addition to the large-scale central film event that happens every year, you can also host a personal cinema night in your own back garden. With a spa bath, a projector and a sheet, you too can enjoy your own “hot tub movie club”. Invite your friends, arrange a drink and bite to eat, and experience a cinema night you will never forget.

Garden party with spa

There is no better season for a cosy garden party than the summer. With your own hot tub, you can create an unforgettable event. While the entertainment at most garden parties is limited to a snack, drink, and dance, you can treat your friends to a wonderful spa and raise a glass with each other in style.

Although it can get quite cool in the evenings, you and your friends will be warm throughout the garden party as the spa maintains a temperature of around 38 degrees Celsius. If your spa has an audio system, some music instantly adds to the relaxing ambience.

Get your own spa on a budget

You don’t necessarily have to be well off to implement the above ideas. Even with a small budget, you can enjoy an evening in your spa. For example, you can rent a spa. For little money, a spa bath is delivered, installed, and collected again so that you don’t have any extra worries. This also increases the surprise for your friends, who suddenly find a luxury spa in your garden!