Spa in your own garden: The newest trend

Spa in your own garden: The newest trend

The spa trend reached our country a long time ago. It is enjoyable and entertaining to sit in a spa, but we are also increasingly realising that a spa offers many benefits for both body and mind. First, a spa bath has a therapeutic effect. The rotating jets massage the muscles with warm water. This has a positive impact on relieving muscle pain and rheumatic complaints. The heat also releases perspiration, which promotes the removal of waste from the body. In addition, relaxing in a spa bath increases your mental wellbeing. By stimulating circulation and relieving physical complaints, you will inevitably feel calmer and more relaxed.

A spa treatment, therefore, increasingly symbolises the ideal opportunity to take a wellness moment for yourself. Because, let’s face it, how delightful is it to bathe in the spa for fifteen minutes just before going to sleep so you go to bed completely relaxed? You will probably sleep like a baby afterwards. That’s why more and more people are choosing to have a spa in their homes. They can spontaneously grab a spa moment without making a reservation or driving an hour by car to a wellness centre. You’re probably wondering about  the best location to place a spa bath in your home. Fortunately, this is not a difficult question to answer.

Where do you place a spa bath in your home?

If you look at the entirety of your home, you will immediately notice that there is a place where you can relax and escape from the daily bustle of life: the garden. The soothing green colour of the grass and the birds singing in the background make it a perfect choice. A wellness spa pool truly comes into its own in a garden space. Moreover, the garden is generally the largest part of the home, with ample space to house a spa. It is also the essential ingredient for a successful garden party where you can all enjoy a delightful massage in the spa.

In short, a spa in the garden offers total relaxation all year round! At Fonteyn Spas, you can choose from an extensive range of spa baths that are low maintenance and low in energy consumption.