Garden ideas: a wooden hot tub!

Garden ideas: a wooden hot tub!

While it is fresh and bleak outside, you can enjoy warmth and relaxation. How? In your own wooden hot tub! This is ideal for any garden, be it large or small. You can even enjoy a warm bath in the middle of winter, while there is snow and ice. In this blog post, we tell you more about the hot tub, which is a lovely garden idea for the coming winter.

Wat is a hot tub?

A hot tub is a luxurious bath with a tub made of wood. Most hot tubs are designed for outdoor use. They have a round shape and often look like half of a large wine barrel. The wooden hot tub that Fonteyn supplies is made of Northern European spruce. This type of wood grows in the far north, where it is very cold and the trees grow slowly. As a result, the growth rings of the tree are close together, resulting in a hard spruce wood that is very strong and durable.

How does a hot tub work?

This particular wood, the Northern European spruce, retains the heat in the hot tub. As a bonus, when the wood gets wet, it also releases a beautiful natural wood scent. To get the water to a pleasantly warm temperature, it is heated by a wood stove. Within two hours, the water in the hot tub is wonderfully warm. Due to the wooden material, the bath blends seamlessly  with the natural environment of your garden.

Hot tub benefits

The hot tub has many benefits. For example, a hot tub is more favourably priced than, say, a Jacuzzi®. A hot tub does not consume any electricity. All you need to heat the hot tub is firewood. In addition, a beautiful wooden hot tub has a very natural feeling. This is partly due to the wood smell, the silence, and the warm water. Moreover, a hot tub usually takes up less space than a Jacuzzi® or other type of spa tub.