Stay fit with a swim spa!

Stay fit with a swim spa!

Did you ever think getting fit and relaxing would be so easy? With your own swim spa in the garden, you’ll always have a workout at your fingertips. Getting fit has never been so easy! Thanks to the powerful jets in your swim spa, you can swim endlessly. And you will also have the added benefit of being able to immediately relax in a warm bath after your training. The seating area of ​​the spa is perfect for this. No more suffering through muscle pain again. Why? The massage jets ensure that your muscles are well cared for after your workout.  Exercise and relax in one bath. Let’s get swimming!

Get fit with a swim spa

Getting fit with a swim spa sounds great, but how does it work? Most swim spas have powerful jets on one side and a relaxing seating area on the other. The powerful jets make it feel like you are swimming lengths, while the current from the jets keeps you in the same spot. You can create your own workout by adjusting the strength of the water jets. This can vary from the leisurely swimming of lengths to an intensive training session.

Injuries? Nothing is more annoying than not being able to exercise due to an injury. Did you know that swimming is often recommended to prevent or remedy injuries? The warm water, in combination with the current in the bath, ensures a quick recovery. Once recovered, the spa can help you get back into peak condition. Imagine how nice it would be if you could just do it all from the comfort of your own back garden!

Do you need more of a challenge? With our ‘fitness’ and ‘energy’ swim spas, you can turn your spa into an ultimate fitness device in no time. This special line of swim spas is equipped with various accessories and resistance elastics. This way, you can quickly transform your  pool into a rowing machine. Workout at home in lovely warm water instead of in a crowded gym. No more excuses to not exercise!


Benefits of a swim spa

Besides the fact that a swim spa is ideal for keeping fit, it has many more advantages. Often, a swim spa needs less water than a traditional pool. You can assume that a swim spa is more economical to use and that you will warm up quickly. In addition, it is easy to cover, so the heat is preserved and no dirt gets in. Think of falling leaves during the beautiful autumn!

Moving away? No problem! You can take your swim spa to your new location.

Swim spas are available in many different designs and sizes, and the additional options are endless. Think of a TV, a music system and, for example, LED lighting. Can’t wait to try a spa? In our own Spa Experience Centre, you can try out various spas without obligation. What are you waiting for?