Exercise and relax? You can do that in your own back garden!

Exercise and relax? You can do that in your own back garden!

Jogging, cycling, jumping, dancing. Now that the sun is starting to shine again, it feels like an invitation to get moving outside. And to enjoy some relaxation. Does this sound good to you? Maybe you would like to do this in your garden instead? You can combine sports and relaxation in the following way:

  1. Weight training
    A mat, weights, and a soft surface. That’s all you need. A lawn is ideal for this, but you can also put towels under the mat to create a more comfortable surface. Then, you can train your muscles by doing sit-ups and push-ups. Do you prefer cycling? Then place an exercise bike in your garden.
  2. Relaxation exercises
    Once you’re done with strength training, you can use the mat to do relaxation exercises or stretch out on the grass. Don’t have a lawn? Then perhaps purchase a hammock or take a refreshing dip in a swimming pool.
  3. Exercise Heathily
    A spa bath is the answer if you want to combine sport and relaxation in a healthy and fun way. In a swimspa you can swim against the current while remaining in the same spot. And as soon as you want to rest, you can turn this system off and enjoy a warm bath. Simply take a seat and let the massage jets do their work.

  4. A trampoline
    Do you have children? Then, naturally, you can plan a fun activity with them. They will have hours of fun on a trampoline in the garden. And they will love it if you join them! This way, you can simultaneously get some exercise and have fun with them. Then it’s time to rest. Lay on the trampoline together and look at the stars. How’s that for an idea?

  5. Chilling in the garden
    What else? A lounge set is, of course, the showpiece of your garden, but it is also very comfortable. Is there an easier way to relax? You can catch up with family and friends until late or sit in the garden with a book. After all that effort, you deserve it!

    What do you do to combine sport and relaxation? Feel free to leave a comment.