5 reasons to jump into a swim spa

5 reasons to jump into a swim spa

Do you like to workout and also enjoy a spa? Then we have good news for you!  A swim spa offers you the opportunity to work on your stamina and relax as well. As the name “swim spa” suggests, it combines a swimming pool and a spa. The swim spa looks like a spacious spa, but it’s something else. It consists of a swimming area and a spa. The part for exercise is incorporated into the swimming area. Despite its compact size, this swimming area allows you to swim laps. How is this possible? Simple: the swim spa is equipped with powerful jets on one side. These force the water forward in a powerful stream so that you can swim against the current.

To convince you of all the advantages a swim spa offers, we have listed its five most important benefits!

A fitness workout

The swimming area of ​​a swim spa is equipped with powerful jets that are adjustable in strength. Are you already a pretty strong swimmer?  Then set the power of the jets to medium or high. Would you prefer to start slowly? That’s fine, too! Set it to the lowest setting and gradually increase the resistance to create a more challenging workout. You will soon notice that your fitness has improved.

An excellent workout for sensitive injuries

The swim spa is also suitable for people who are prone to injuries. Swimming is known for putting low stress on the muscles and joints. In a swim spa, you can swim laps and work on your fitness without worrying about getting injured! Ideal right?

Relaxation in the spa

The great thing about a swim spa is the combination of exercise and relaxation. After an exhausting workout, you can relax in the seating area. Depending on the type of swim spa, these seats offer a massage from the water jets combined with air. This produces a bubbling effect, which helps your muscles relax.

In your own home environment

We understand all too well that you don’t always feel like leaving home to exercise. How nice would it be to work on your fitness in the familiar environment of your own home? With a swim spa in the garden, you can also decide for yourself when you start exercising. You can choose to do a few refreshing laps in the morning before work or relax in the spa after a long day. With a swim spa, it is entirely up to you!

Compact size

It may sound like a swim spa will take up a large part of ​​your garden since it consists of both a spa and swimming area. However, the swim spa is designed so that the powerful jets keep you in one place while swimming; this makes the swim spa nicely compact.  Your swim spa can be installed in two ways. You can choose to place the spa into the ground or keep it above the ground.

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