Enjoying a Fonteyn Spa bath



Jacuzzi is commonly used in everyday language as a term for Spa baths

Roy Jacuzzi, born in 1904 in Italy, was a visionary and pioneer in the field of hydrotherapy. His fascination with wellness and the healing power of water was deeply ingrained in his family history. His father, Candido Jacuzzi, was an Italian immigrant who established a pump company in California. In the 1940s, Roy Jacuzzi, along with his brothers, developed a revolutionary hydrotherapy pump to alleviate the pain suffered by his nephew, Kenneth Jacuzzi, due to rheumatoid arthritis. This innovative pumping system was later integrated into the first standalone hydrotherapy baths that we now know as Jacuzzis.

This initial Jacuzzi® was not just intended as a luxury product, but rather as a medical tool to alleviate pain and improve people's lives. The warm water, combined with the massaging action of the jets, proved to be an effective way to reduce muscle pain and stimulate blood circulation. Roy Jacuzzi's vision of hydrotherapy grew into an industry that became globally renowned. His dedication to enhancing people's well-being led to further innovations in the spa and Jacuzzi industry, with a focus on both therapeutic benefits and relaxation.

His legacy as one of the pioneers of modern hydrotherapy and his ongoing commitment to providing people with a better quality of life continue to thrive in the evolution of Jacuzzi® baths and spas worldwide.

Since Jacuzzi® is a protected trademark, Fonteyn uses the word ‘Spa’, which is an abbreviation for ‘salutem per aquam’, Latin for ‘health through water’, in accordance with Roy Jacuzzi's vision.